VFX Supervisor Steve Begg speaks at our next open day

VFX Supervisor Steve Begg speaks at our next open day

Like all our Open Days here at Escape, the next is set to be even more epic than the last. On July 10th we’ll be joined by industry legend Steve Begg, who’s 27 years' of experience in the industry is quite intimidating. VFX Supervisor on titles such as Skyfall, Batman Begins, Casino Royale, The Golden Compass, Red Dwarf, Aliens... the list goes on… Steve has a great many anecdotes to share, as well as some golden nuggets of wisdom!

Over the years, Steve has become a bit of a ‘legend’ in regards to his reputation among colleagues from the ‘old school era’ of effects production. His experience in shooting miniature sets is hugely valued by filmmakers across the globe as they look to bridge the digital and practical work of Visual Effects - using miniatures during the shoot and enhancing them with CG in post.

Steve will be sharing some of the secrets of his trade and his advice for breaking into one of the most exciting careers out there. Following that will be Escape Studios’ very own Training Manager, Andy Brassington, who will explain the very significant and vital role the UK plays within the VFX Industry and how Escape Studios fits into this 'eco-system'. The day will be capped off with a tour around our state of the art facilities.

If you're keen to take part in this day, please sign up here.

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