VFX on your tablet!

VFX on your tablet!

Cinefex, the long standing centre of behind the scenes VFX information is now finally available on the iPad and online, check out the free copy of issue 127.

The edition created for iPad, is jam packed with all the content you’ll find in the print version of the magazine – but this bad boy includes double the amount of photographs (some of which are interactive) allowing the reader to smoothly navigate between plates, comps and elements to see how a VFX shot is constructed – there’s also sure to be video clips and breakdowns included, it’s like tablets were made for this sort of thing!

It gets better too, as the first edition of the tablet-ized magazine is free, with all the previous editions also accessible on the app - check it out! 

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Dom Davenport
Tue 21 May 2013: 11:13am

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