VFX for TD's – Going the distance!

VFX for TD's – Going the distance!

How much can you learn over 12 weeks? Well hopefully after seeing some student work in yesterday’s blog you’ve realised, quite a lot actually! Learning the tools that create impressive 3D visuals is the hard part. After that, it’s a process of applying what you’ve learnt to more ambitious projects and making sure you push yourself to continue learning.

When finishing a 12 week VFX course at Escape, lots of our students opt onto the VFX Professional course. An additional six weeks of VFX training, this is where you can learn more advanced tricks used by the pros in the industry, bringing your skill-set to a whole new level. The guys on this course get to do some really cool stuff, as they explore some of Maya’s more advanced features for 3D simulation techniques.

Taking a look at particles, dynamics, fluids, and rigid bodies inside Maya, each student is armed with additional tools to help make their projects look even more explosive.

Check out what Fabrizio Arzani, Noor Valibhoy,  Poul Steenstrup and Lucia Pascali from this year’s TD classes have been up to on their projects!

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