VFX Faux Pas of the century?

VFX Faux Pas of the century?

This is quite simply fantastic. Courtesy of io9, who have sourced this footage from Reddit, we stumbled across this rather interesting (and very entertaining) VFX related video this afternoon.

Now we all know how important VFX are to the telling of a tale, these days blockbuster movies will spend over half of their budget on getting the VFX as good as they can be. Similarly with an increasing amount of Television programs these days, if the VFX aren’t up to scratch, the viewer experience won’t be either. What viewer wants to be reminded that what they’re watching is completely digitally created?

Well this Turkish TV show broke the golden rule.

Showing a gentleman having an outer body experience of Hell, your classic fire and brimstone scene, well until 37 seconds in that is, where the VFX have been mistakenly left out, reminding us all that we’re watching a bloke shouting in front of a blue screen with two extras in green morph suits tying his fictional father up. Worth a watch. 

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Wed 10 Apr 2013: 4:38pm

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