VFX Artist becomes Hollywood Film Director!

VFX Artist becomes Hollywood Film Director!

So we’ve all managed to take a look at the killer new trailer for Godzilla from VFX whiz turned director Gareth Edwards. But what was it about the trailer that grabbed your attention? Was it the borrowed score from 2001: A Space Odyssey? Perhaps it was the clip of Brian Cranston looking a little bit more like Hal from Malcolm in the Middle?

If you're like us, our guess is that it was indeed the epic VFX that gripped you, the suspenseful shots, carefully selected so that the sheer size of the monster is demonstrated without ever being entirely revealed. It seems that Edwards is reverting back to the old tales of Godzilla, with his distinct visual style giving the trailer a darker edge.

Edwards showed incredible talent when it came to creating a good visual in ‘Monsters’, a film which he wrote, directed, and was the Cinematographer AND VFX Artist for. It is widely known that VFX is where Edwards cultivated his skills when first entering the business of film, but it wasn’t until he won Sci-Fi London's 48 hour film challenge, that both his penchant for story telling and eye for a good shot came to a peak and were internationally recognised, with his entry 'Factory Farmed'

As Edwards shows, sometimes it all starts by making VFX in your bedroom, gaining a firm grasp of the field and opening your eyes to the possibilities available to an artist with a broad spectrum of knowledge. If you see yourself heading in this direction, take a look at the Online 3D for Visual Effects course here at Escape Studios. We provide students with a firm foundation on which to build their career in film. It could be you next!

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