VES Awards: Send Your Entries Now

VES Awards: Send Your Entries Now

The 10th Edition of the VES (Visual Effects Society) Awards is upon us, and whilst I know many of you will already be working on your entries for it, I thought I would take time to write about it in this blog to encourage those of you who haven't considered entering the competition.

According to the VES site, "The VES Awards recognizes and honors the most outstanding visual effects work of the year and honors the artists who created them", but it actually does a whole lot more than that. Not only does it recognise the work of professionals in the industry, it also recognises the promising talent of new comers in their Student Awards. Our friends are at Autodesk are the official sponsors of these Student Awards and have recently committed to do it for another three years, proof of their continued commitment to helping new talent emerge. This is a truly worthy competition to enter and one that will see the winners of the awards attend the prestigious VES Awards event and be introduced to some of the most influential people in the industry. In fact, last year’s winners were given the chance to meet film director Christopher Nolan, and two years ago, the winners had one-on-one meetings with James Cameron.

The winner of the Student Award is flown from wherever he or she is to Los Angeles to attend the event in Hollywood. The winning entry is also shown in its entirety in front of a room with more than 1,500 professionals from some of the biggest studios in the world. 

The submission deadline for all entries is November 30th, so you really need to hurry if you want to take part. To enter, you'll need to download the rules of the competition and then submit entries by going here

I include a few photos of previous winners of the VES awards (courtesy of the VES) to wet your appetites. If you want to keep up to date with news regarding this and other awards, I recommend visiting and liking the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Facebook page.

Good luck everyone!

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