Valve want to move from your bedroom to your sofa

Valve want to move from your bedroom to your sofa

Honestly, I was so busy driving over mountains on a motorbike to chase planes crashing into deserts in GTA V that I was barely even paying attention to Valve's triple announcements last week. They're making a new PC or something? I didn't care, there were heists to be having! Then this week, as I tried to play online, I received the same message as the other 10 million trying to get on...

Well, What's a bloke to do? So I decided to go back and read a weeks’ worth of internet. Turns out, Valve made some pretty exciting announcements.

Valve single handedly revived PC gaming a few years ago with Steam  it's online distribution and DRM software, which rescued an industry drowning in piracy by compromising an always online and always verified platform - offering games so cheap it's almost criminal not to buy them.

Now Valve have announced their intentions to take over your living room too, with the announcements of their new operating system, Steam OS along with hardware and a controller to run it. A machine running Steam OS can stream games straight to your TV, giving you the power of a high end PC in your living room, combined with their new controller which apparently has the power of a mouse and keyboard using its track pads and haptic feedback. (check out the image above!)

It'll certainly be impossible to determine whether or not that controller will work without using it, but the idea of a Steambox in my front room is very appealing, as it'll allow those of us who don't have the time, money or energy to keep up with the latest PC specs to play releases that aren't available on consoles; providing its affordable, of course. Steambox is still in Beta at the moment so we won't know any details about price or release for a while, especially since Valve are notoriously secretive in just about everything they do.

Saying that, it has just been leaked that they've finally trademarked Half Life 3, which would basically guarantee a launch as successful as GTA V.

If they really know what they’re doing, they'd announce Half Life 3, Portal 3, Lead 4 Dead 3 and Team Fortress 3 as launch titles, and we will drown their children in money.

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