V-Ray Online Training - Shhhh.... Keep It Secret

V-Ray Online Training - Shhhh.... Keep It Secret

Shhhh, don't tell anyone but the images in this blog have been 'lifted' from our brand spanking new self directed course: VRay 2 for 3DS Max... We are very happy with it... But keep it quiet as it may help improve your skills ;-)

We are 'finally gathering' all the content and it will be up on an online store very soon (weeks not months)!

We cover so much detail in these 10+ hours of video tutorials that you will be able to rollercoast your way through the toughest of VRay challenges.. Enough puns already...

We'll let you know when we are done!

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Mark Cass
Thu 21 Apr 2011: 2:58pm

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  • pradip:

    i wnt to know v_ray

  • Ravi:

    i want to learn vray like professionals. i know vray but not very good.

    my vray work is on my blogger ID: ravisingh92.blogspot.in

  • Karla:

    I want it :D

  • KayP:

    vray for maya and max are really simular. iam working on a few jobs with vray for maya and using the vray handbook that was written for max, and its works fine. i pretty sure that online training is also interesting for maya users.

  • Gavsaxton:

    Yep I'd like to know if this is cross tranferable too!

  • Luciano Munoz:

    i want to learn vray for maya!

  • Dilip:

    How different is this going to be from doing V-ray for Maya?..will all the controls and workflows be mostly same?...What are the significant differences between V-ray for maya and V-ray for max?

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