US Teachers Get Disney Training to Make School Fun

US Teachers Get Disney Training to Make School Fun

I know it sounds nuts, but I promise this is not a joke. My colleague Susan wrote a post about this yesterday in our US Blog and pointed to an article in the Washington Post entitled "To inspire, schools take a page from Disney".

Now, I did toy with posting a long rambling comment on her post, but I am looking at this story from such a English perspective that I thought it would be somewhat unfair. I have to say that when I first read the story in the Washington Post, I thought: "Only in America!". Kids over there are told that everything is possible from an early age, so it's not that big a surprise to think that they would use these techniques to improve teaching and learning.

I don't actually disagree with the concept of making school fun, but I am more concerned with making it both relevant and life like. It does bother me to think that we are "disneyfying" school teaching. I guess what I am trying to say is that we are at risk of making our children think that real life can be just like "make believe life". I don't actually think that this is what children need from school. They need to be inspired, yes, but we have a duty to set their expectations right and prepare them for what life is really like. 

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