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At the end of a busy day in the classroom - a day full of complex concepts and software training - conversations with Joe and Flora in our training sales team naturally turned to equally weighty subjects.

If James from our development team and myself had a fight who would win? Flora suggested that I could be Batman and James the Green Lantern. I took umbrage at this position and then proceed to rant about the merits of the Green Lantern and his power ring, hurling insults left right and centre.

Every super hero has a weakness. The Green Lantern's is the colour yellow. So if he had to have a fight with Howard the Duck, would he be powerless?

Anyway, this genius blog post is nothing more than a sad excuse to say I am looking forward to DC Universe Online, The New Avengers and the Thor movie. As well as posing the question: "Is Hulk the strongest there is?".


Imperious Rex

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Simon Fenton
Thu 30 Sep 2010: 2:50pm

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  • Ross Garfoot:

    To even the playing field could you not both be Green Lanterns? (or Red/Blue/Black...)
    Of course the question then becomes which ones would you both pick...!

  • Alex Anthopoulos:

    Beta of dc is nice. Some improvements needed, but i think in front of the big names such as Warcraft and Star wars, that their mmo arrives a little later the game wil be only taken seriously by hardcore comic book readers

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