UK prepares itself for the arrival of the iPhone 5

UK prepares itself  for the arrival of the iPhone 5

Just as we had all got around to having an iPhone 4S in our pockets, Apple come along and remind us just how very impossible it is to keep up with today’s rapidly evolving technologies.

September 12th saw the unveiling of the iPhone 5, which will be shipped out to UK stores on September 21st, and pray tell - what makes it worth the investment?

Well, at this early stage, most of the obvious improvements are purely aesthetic; It’s made entirely out of glass and aluminium, with a screen that’s half an inch longer than the 4S (room enough for an extra row of icons) and at 7.6mm thickness, it is the thinnest smartphone on the planet. Not to mention it has a camera that’s 40% faster than its predecessor, but perhaps the most attractive step up – 4G internet, which is supposedly 5 times faster than 3G, and means you'll be able to keep up to date with the latest Escape Studios news and events - naturally the first thing you'll be doing with such a speedy connection!

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