UK has been NUKED!

UK has been NUKED!

We have been totally amazed over the past couple of months over the number of companies that are looking for NUKE ops at all levels.

Of course for Escape Studios, we witness this change in a couple of different ways. First through our technology reselling business where we are selling more and more NUKE software licenses, but also so through our recruitment team who have been totally swamped with NUKE related jobs.

This has a direct impact on our classrooms courses too. In fact, five of our compositing course students who finished up last Friday were out for interviews on Monday. Honestly, we cannot train them quick enough! Actually our compositing courses (the Compositing for Production and the Compositing Professional) are always in high demand but we also have some online options. If you can't get to us you should really take a look at the new compositing online mentored course - it looks amazing and we launch in May!

There has REALLY never been a better time to get the NUKE skills under your belt: junior roto to senior compers’ are all in high demand. Take a look at our jobs board - that'll give you an idea of how many jobs we are recruiting for at the moment.

The Foundry’s new investors must be rubbing their hands already!

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Mark Cass
Fri 8 Apr 2011: 9:18am

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  • chris:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for you're reply, it answered my question perfectly.

    I'm going to book in for the open day on the 20th just to come and have a look around and ask a few more questions.

    Thanks again,


  • Paul Wilkes:

    Hi Chris,

    I hope I can answer your post. The simple answer is yes, you are going to be in a good position to find a job after completing the compositing evening course. Of course we can't offer any guarantees as there's always a responsibility on the individual to commit to the work required and transfer what they learn into a showreel that's going to get them noticed.

    Although the course is shorter (in terms of teaching time) the format allows for students to hone and develop their skills over a longer period of time (20 weeks instead of 12). The curriculum has been designed to ensure that all the core skills required to enter the industry are covered. The best evidence of this is that some of the students from the course that finished earlier this year are now in jobs and working as Roto artists and junior comps.

    Our recruitment team are equally eager to speak with graduates from our evening courses as they are from the full-time courses.

    If you haven't all ready please do arrange to come in and meet with one the training team who can take you through all of this in more detail, or let me know if you need anymore information.


  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hi Chris, one of our training advisors is going to be in touch with you via this blog shortly to give you all the information you need.

    Stay tuned.


  • chris:


    I'm extremely interested in joining Escape Studios to attend the part time evening Compositing course.
    After being trained and finishing the course, how will I find getting a job in the industry? I understand what you're saying in that there is an influx of NUKE jobs fight now but are they primarily for people who have finished the full time course.

    Obviously the part time course is not as in depth as the full time course but I would like a certain amount of reassurance that it's not only the full timers that can hope to get into the job market on completion of the course.

    In a nutshell, I just don't want to spend so much money on the part time course then find out that the job markets are really just going to hire people from escape that have completed the full time course.


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