UK Games Industry in Need of Help

We were all delighted for our friends at Double Negative on Sunday, as they scooped an Oscar for their VFX work on Inception, and the whole country was feeling a touch of national pride as Brits dominated the ‘big’ awards. No matter what your thoughts on the future of British film, it was certainly a good day to be a part of the UK film industry.

Feeling pretty good about all we were doing, I came across an article that threw a different light on British success at the Oscars. Computer and Video Games has run a piece comparing the success of film with the troubles of video games in the UK, and it certainly makes for an interesting read, with the UK games industry facing a difficult future. 

One area the article focuses on is the lack of funding and tax breaks for games studios, something promised in the election but since reneged on. Bad times ahead, it would seem, although another article, this time on Spong, suggests that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Chancellor George Osborne has reportedly held meetings with some of the games industry’s top people, including Eidos Life President Ian Livingstone, and according to the article the meeting was extremely positive.

Will it mean a renewed focus on games? Can games developers expect the sort of support that helped the likes of The King’s Speech to dominate last Sunday’s awards? Only time will tell.

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