TWO Free Polygonal Modelling Tutorials

If you were looking to improve your modelling skills you couldn't have picked a better time, because this month we're giving away TWO free tutorials  instead of one!

Both tutorials highlight the tools used to make modelling a more efficient process and task you with building some pretty cool models, one of which being a rollercoaster. This is one of the first things that our students study when they begin a course with us - good modelling skills are at the heart of all talented VFX artists.  Here's a breakdown of what's included in each tutorial;

Tutorial Breakdown No. 1
Motion Paths
Animated Snapshot
Animated Sweep

Tutorial Breakdown No. 2
Duplicate Special Function
Insert Edge Loop Tool
Bend Deformers

Registering for tutorials

It’s very simple; you’ll just need to register on our website to access our online learning centre.  Once inside, select the ‘FREE AREA’ from the drop down menu in the ‘My Courses’ tab.  If you’re already registered, just log-in with your usual username and password.

Existing users, click here to log-in now
New users, click here to register

Our Free Tutorials are replaced with a different one every month, and both Modelling tutorials  will only be available until July 8th. Make sure you don’t miss out – take advantage of this tutorial right away.

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Lee Danskin
Thu 10 Jun 2010: 1:06pm



  • Vicente Ciacera:

    Thanks for this!!!

  • David:

    Thank you

  • Serge Honinow:

    Boujour Tous,
    I appreciate you keeping me in mind. Laser Holographer and Maya computer animator. Yet not an expert
    Humbly, Serge

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