Tweak Software Release RV 3.12.13

Tweak Software Release RV 3.12.13

Tweak are working hard to develop and expand their powerful playback software, RV-image and sequence viewer. Their latest development comes in the form of RV 3.12.13. With this new version you get all the usual benefits of real time reviewing software, but now with the additional support of Python to make this version the most powerful yet. This new addition to the product has been in beta for a while now, and has benefitted from extensive feedback from customers reporting rough edges and bugs. With this valuable knowledge behind them Tweak are happy to release RV with Python, confident that the results will impress all.

To find out more about RV playback software and all it can do, check out our website. Escape Studios partnered with Tweak earlier this year and are delighted to be on board as an exclusive reseller for this powerful tool, now a leading product in the market.

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Mon 19 Dec 2011: 9:34am

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