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Tuesday Tips & Tricks with Escape Studios Resident Geek

Welcome to our Tuesday tips & tricks with resident geek Ash Miles. Having studied our Visual Effects Professional course, Ash has battled his way through a variety of tricky techniques to eventually master the tools of the VFX trade. Now, each week you can look forward to a short video where Ash walks you through his top tip when working inside Maya and NUKE.

Stay tuned, as these sessions are set to be a gold mine of information.

New Tips & Tricks Videos

Alembic Files

Making Holes In Polygons

Command Line Rendering

Wireframe Renders

Using Transparency With Mia X Passes

Animating Roto With A Tracker Node

Previous Tips & Tricks Videos

Creating Cable UV Maps

Playback Speed

Exporting An Animated Camera From Maya To NUKE

ID Passes

Display Layers

Render Passes In NUKE

nCloth Presets

Final Gather Maps

Manual AO pass

Hidden Faces