Trimble Invests in Google SketchUp

Trimble Invests in Google SketchUp

Back in 2006 Google acquired SketchUp, the 3D modelling program commonly used by architectural, civil and mechanical engineers. Google SketchUp was released as a free downloadable version that excluded some of the functionality of SketchUp Pro, but included tools for uploading content to Google Earth. Since that time Google SketchUp has been deemed very popular worldwide and can boast 30 million activations over 2011 alone.

In an attempt to further develop the software Google are selling SketchUp to Trimble who will be investing in the future growth of the software. According the Google, this move will allow them to focus better on their core community of modelers who have been using the product since the beginning, as they look to introduce new features that will make this program increasingly more sophisticated. The SketchUp development team will be leaving Google to join Trimble to continue their work in developing innovative tools that will aid building professionals the world over.

For more information on this new venture, you can read a blog posted last Thursday by John Bacus, Product Manager of SketchUp. Lets hope this is the start of another bright future for SketchUp.

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