Trailer for Pixar’s “Brave”

Trailer for Pixar’s “Brave”

Finally we can take a glimpse at the new Pixar feature animation, Brave. We’ve heard great things about the film, and so we’re all completely psyched about its upcoming release later this summer. This is Pixar’s first time to tackle a fairy tale, and it’s set to be much darker in tone to their previous Pixar releases, as it takes inspiration from the masters of whimsical storytelling, Hans Christian Anderson and Brothers Grimm.

The project was conceived by writer/director Brenda Chapman, who was set to be the first female to direct a Pixar feature project. However, Brenda was later replaced by Mark Andrews in 2010, due to some creative differences. Set in the 10th century of the highlands in Scotland, Brenda introduces one of Pixar’s first female protagonists, Merida, a tearaway with rather skilled at shooting arrows. Merida’s hair has been described as one of the biggest challenges for the creative team during the making of this animation. The studio had to implement a huge technical upgrade to tackle this film, as Pixar’s team of technicians embraced the challenge of creating flowing kilts and hair that would do the Scots proud!

Another great triumph for this film is that they have gone for authentic Celtic accents by casting a predominantly Scottish and English cast. According to the director Mark Andrew, they won’t be letting audiences in the US off lightly. In no way will they be offering subtitles like in Trainspotting, as they hope that the unintelligible dialogue will add to the humour.    

Brave will start its UK release on August 17th. That’s a long time to have to wait, but rest assured, it will be worth it.

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