Traditional Animation makes a comeback

The first trailer for the upcoming Disney Feature The Princess and the Frog has just been released. It heralds a return to the hand drawn traditional animation that Disney is famous for. I for one am excited to see it and hope that it heralds the rebirth of traditional animation as a whole.

Most studios have shut down their hand drawn after the combination of disappointing returns on traditionally animated features and very high box office returns on Computer animated features. In my opinion it was not the fault of the medium of hand drawn animation but rather the fault of the stories that were being produced.

I think that traditional animation definitely has its place. It has a unique look and feel which is much different from computer animation that is really represents a completely different medium, as does stop motion as compared to the other two. So I applaud Disney and John Lasseter for reviving the hand drawn form and I hope that it rebounds and flourishes.

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Jeff Pratt
Fri 19 Jun 2009: 9:18am

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