Trading Insider Secrets

Trading Insider Secrets

Scott Squires, of Industrial Light & Magic, has a blog called Effects Corner. Scott talks everything VFX, from artistry to wages. If you are looking to read the frank ins and outs of the VFX world then Scott’s blog is the place to go. Scott has 35 years’ experience in the industry and has work on film projects like Van Helsing, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Stars Wars: Episode I – Phantom Menace.
His articles are well written and packed full of industry top tips. He talks you through key skills like camera tracking and 3D match-moving as well as providing links to some of the latest visual effects news.

Scott is an entire encyclopaedia of visual effects knowledge so his blog is well worth a good look at.


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Olivia Grout
Thu 3 May 2012: 6:14pm

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  • Olivia Grout:

    Hi Ataul,

    Thank you for your comment, you raise a really valid point.
    That is one of the things we try to do here at Escape with our students. We try to prepare them for all aspects of the VFX industry, the good and the bad!!


  • Ataul Munim:

    I'm glad you posted this Olivia, I was introduced to his blog last week when @VFXSoldier retweeted Scott's last post re: the negative side of the VFX industry which some young artists might not be aware of.

    I don't think he's trying to detract anyone from trying to break into the industry, but make sure that they plan accordingly, and know what they're getting into, which can't be a bad thing, in any industry.

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