Tracey Chung: a budding character animation artist

Tracey Chung: a budding character animation artist

Last week, I promised to share with you some more of the work that our students have presented to us at the end of their courses. This time, I have decided to show you the work of Tracey Chung, who recently completed our Character Animation course taught by Alex Williams.

Here's a sample from Tracey's showreel. It is still work in progress, but impressive stuff from someone who has only just finished a 12-week course. Although some of the pieces still need a bit of refinement there are some great touches with some subtle movements that really work and it's a really nicely presented reel, with a bright clean look. I particularly like the the bi-ped bouncy walk and the stairs walk.

I'll be posting more student work over the coming days, so stay tuned. 

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Mon 4 Oct 2010: 11:04am

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