Toy Story - Remade!

Toy Story - Remade!

Someone once told me, that life is like a marmalade sandwich; the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

This statement rings true to so many things, and in the VFX industry, this proverbial marmalade often accounts for time, most artists will tell you that to get the best results, immersing yourself in the project you’re working on is a necessity.

These two chaps, despite not having state of the art studios equipped with the latest technologies, had the dedication, (and of course the time, lots of time) to kick start their very own project, fuelled by passion and an undying love of one Disney Pixar movie. The 1995 classic Toy Story.

The 2 friends have spent 2 years recreating their own low budget, stop motion version of the film, and have got each scene down to the last uncanny detail.

After completing their project last week, they travelled to Pixar HQ and handed out DVD’s of the final piece, kindly receiving a blessing from the film’s original creators, and today, it’s bouncing around the web like a beach ball at a Nickleback concert.   

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Robert Broadbent
Wed 16 Jan 2013: 4:43pm

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