Top Down Animation - Work in Progress - Step 1

I am currently working on (amongst other things) a simple animation in order to demonstrate the Top Down Animation Technique. The animation I am going to do is of a character walking up and sitting down in a chair then tipping backwards. I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate the steps that I would go through in doing an animation this way, so I'll be posting my progress as I go.

This first post shows the reference video I shot of myself, and will be followed by my Layout in Maya then my rough blocking and further and further refinements until I arrive at the finished animation.

It would be great to compare techniques and exchange ideas, so be sure to leave any comments or questions that you have. First step. Video reference:

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Jeff Pratt
Fri 27 Nov 2009: 12:40pm

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  • Stephen Newton:

    Hi Jeff,
    Angel and I were thinking of you the other day when we saw Pixar's UP and thought we'd google you. How are things going? We're living in Tennessee these days. I'm still up to my old bag of tricks consulting for local agencies, into video and editing the final draft of a novel I've been working on.
    Send us a note and let us know how life is in the fast lane.

    Steve and Angel Newton / Formerly of Ringling and Sarasota.

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