To the End of an Era!

To the End of an Era!

About 18 months ago I quit my job as a support analyst for IBM, left the comfort of my friends and family in Dublin and moved to London to pursue my dream of working as a visual effects artist in the post production industry.

To be fair, it had only been my dream for 6 months or so. After a period backpacking, I returned to IBM but spent most of my time deliberating what it was I wanted to do with my life. A friend from University, who shared my love of CG and was already based in London working for Framestore, mentioned Escape Studios to me. After perusing their website for about 10 minutes I was sold and registered for the 12 week Visual Effects Production course.

I remember during the course several of us discussing what we would do if we were asked to be studio assistants. The general consensus at the time - myself included, was that we would all rather get out into the big bad world and take it from there. In the last week of the course I was asked if I would be interested in the job. I would not have considered myself the most competent person in the class, so it was really nice to be selected. In hindsight, and despite my earlier misgivings, I'm so glad I took this position. I can't begin to describe how much I have learned in the last year. Between sitting in on the classes, helping students with all manner of issues during class and throughout their projects and of course, pestering the tutors all the time, I feel I have amassed a solid base of knowledge that will aid my confidence as I head out into the aforementioned big bad world.

It’s rare to meet people who love their job and look forward to going into work, but I was one of those irritating people while I was working at Escape. I loved the people in the office who made it a real joy to be here on a daily basis, I loved the interaction with the students, who are always a big mix of personalities and abilities from all corners of the globe. It’s true that you can only really say you know something when you can teach it to someone else and nothing makes you learn it faster than having to explain it to someone on the spot! My time here is now up, and it is time to fly the nest. The recruitment team have been great with putting me in touch with people in the industry and I have managed to secure a short freelance generalist role with Polar Media, who specialise in Visualisation work for the oil and gas industry.

It’s the end of an era, and I will miss everyone here hugely, but it’s exciting to start new things and see where that takes me. I know I'll be back eventually, even if it’s only to hang out at the bar with old friends!

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Alastair Cross
Fri 30 Mar 2012: 4:44pm

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  • Ataul Munim:

    good job dude :)

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