Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Be careful, this one might give you nightmares...

Those of you who wish to scrub up on your use of tracking nodes in Nuke will find this week’s Tips and Tricks very helpful. Our Content Editor takes a virtual knife to his cheeky chops in order to demonstrate how easy it is to animate roto using a tracker node, and the results are, in his words, “terrifying”!

Having attended our One-Day Compositing Taster Course a while back I was intrigued to see how much of it I would be able to follow and surprisingly enough it all made sense, a testament to Ash’s articulate yet entertaining delivery.

These weekly videos are a great way of quickly refreshing skills that might have gone by the wayside a little, so make sure you subscribe to our youtube chanel to get regular alerts when a new one goes up!

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Claire Vandenbroecke
Tue 9 Jul 2013: 3:46pm

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