Tips & Tricks- Explained!

Tips & Tricks- Explained!

As part of a bucket load of new visual content we're planning to upload in the coming weeks, we posted a poll onto our Facebook page - asking you the viewer, what VFX related tips and tricks you'd find most useful! If some of the titles went over your head, not to worry - as here are the explanations for each!

Hidden Faces
Beginner modellers, find out why your extrusions aren't working - and how to fix it!

nCloth Presets
Want to transfer the properties of one nCloth to another? This quick tip will show you how to master nCloth presets!

Camera Scale
So you've tracked your shot and moved it from 3DE to Maya...but can you remember how to work out the camera scale?

Render Passes in Nuke
Ash takes you through a quick recipe of what passes to render out of Maya, and how to composit them in Nuke.

Final Gather Maps
A quick vid showing you how to get rid of that nasty final gather flicker by creating your own final gather map.

Manual AO pass
We don't always trust Maya's AO passes, so here's a quick video reminding you how to make your own.

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