Time to take up a life of crime...

Time to take up a life of crime...

From it's humble beginnings as a top down shooter on MS-DOS, GTA has risen to become a flagship title of every generation of video gaming, consistently getting bigger and better with each iteration. GTA 3 was the definitive demonstration of what the PS2 was capable of. GTA IV took everything we loved and gave us more for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and incorporated outstanding multiplayer.

Now, in the twilight of the current generation, Rockstar have released the most expensive game ever made, Grand Theft Auto V. Out today, it reportedly cost $170 million to make; costs that Rockstar have already made back in pre-orders alone. It's estimated that GTA V will make a billion dollars in its first month of sales. A billion dollars.

GTA V expands on everything once again, giving us a gigantic map, multiple main characters, a world so dense you can choose between sky diving and scuba diving and everything in between, and more freedom than ever before. The internet became a wash with reviews yesterday, all positive. They all say pretty much the same thing; GTA V is one of the greatest games ever made. And they haven't even played the multiplayer yet; its not available for the first 2 weeks of release, in an effort by Rockstar to force us to play the single player campaign. As if we needed to be forced.

Much like the rest of the world, I'm so excited about this I could drive over pedestrians to get home and play it. It's a good thing I don't have a car. My copy is currently sitting in my bag (had it delivered to the office so I wouldn't miss the post man) and I'm planning to spend the rest of 2013 playing it. I'd ask you to join me, but I think we both know you'll be playing your own copy, and who could blame you? Rockstar have created the swan song of this generation of gaming, and it'd be rude not to play it. Also, get your own, this one's mine!

Keep your eyes peeled to the Escape Blog, and if I can tear myself away from my Xbox in a few days I'll give you a review. In the meantime, happy murdering!

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