Time To Change The Record?

Time To Change The Record?

With The Dark Knight Rises soon to hit UK screens, and The Amazing Spider-man having done the same only a couple of weeks ago, it’s fair to say that superheroes are at the forefront of cinema at the moment, but is it all becoming a bit too much?

The Incredibles villain ‘Syndrome’ once said ‘when everyone’s super, no one will be’, but can such a poignant comment be applied to the world of contemporary film?

Given that Marvel have recently unveiled plans to create 4 super hero films a year for the foreseeable future, are we to be bombarded with two bit super hero film after two bit super hero film for the next decade? Making them all, when sat side by side, seem uninspiringly average?

In my opinion, it’ll go one of two ways:

  1. The aforementioned could happen. Our love for the super hero movie will slowly decrease, through desensitisation to explosive sequence after explosive sequence, to the point where we are so sick of these Heroes. It could get to the point that, if Bruce Wayne himself turned out to be based on a real man who descended onto the streets of London, we’d be just as impressed if someone decided to hang themselves in a box and call it ‘magic’, oh wait...
  2. We sit back with our popcorn and watch as Marvel, along with stellar casts and help from the world’s leading VFX artists, impress us time after time. Each Hero, Villain and plot twist proving better than the last.

I, for one, am preparing myself for the latter, and hope that this can only be a good thing. I'm sure we're all in for a treat.

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Robert Broadbent
Tue 17 Jul 2012: 4:00pm

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