Tickets Please!

Tickets Please!

Well it’s been an exceptionally busy week here at Escape Studios, with three of our One-Day Taster Courses and an Academy Tour all in the space of three days, front of house was starting to feel a bit like Grand Central Station!  

I’m not complaining though, it’s great to see so many people interested in learning the tricks of the trade and, boy, are there some tricks to be learned! With cutting edge techniques and industry standard software such as Maya being taught by tutors who are all professional CG artists with experience at the top of their fields, our courses really are at the head of their game.

We host our one day courses on a regular basis, with both the One-Day Compositing Taster Course and the One-Day 3D VFX Taster Course offering you a hands-on introduction to the software used by industry pros. We’ll show you the process of how we teach, and, most importantly, provide an insight into how all this contributes towards the showreel you need to secure your first job in the industry. Interested? Well, it’s easy to sign up for the courses, just complete and submit the form on our website and bob’s your uncle!

If you’re not sure which area you would like to specialise in, then the Academy Tour is the one for you. This day gives you an overview of what Escape Studios has to offer any budding VFX artist. You will learn about the specialised jobs in VFX and Compositing, there’ll be a chance to review successful student reels and you’ll also have the opportunity to be a fly-on-the-wall at an Accelerated Classroom session. Don’t worry if you live abroad as we also provide a Virtual Tour online, so we’ve got all avenues covered! 

The next Academy Tour is on Wednesday 3rd April and spaces are filling up fast, so what are you waiting for? 

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