At Escape, we've been teaching visual effects for over 11 years. Our students have gone on to work on some of the biggest films ever made, the coolest TV shows, and the best adverts to have been created, all over the globe.  And yet, it still amazes me what the VFX community gets up to in its spare time!

Around Christmas we blogged about Wholock where a very talented compositor spliced together footage from Dr Who and Sherlock, to create the first meeting of two of TV’s biggest stars. Earlier this week we shared the Action Movie Kid videos, where a Dreamworks animator made his son the star of some explosive shorts. Both personal projects - both awesome!

And today has seen the rise of another excellent piece of VFX work, this time from Motion Graphics artist Brady Wold, who has lovingly recreated the word of Skyrim in the style of the opening credits of Game of Thrones.

Brady explains on his Vimeo page how the project started as a way to kill time on afternoon. Now, two years and a thousand man hours later, 'Thrones' has racked up tonnes of views in the last few days and propelled Brady to the front of the internet, and it's not hard to see why, as his side project easily matches the quality of a full post production studio!

These projects really do show off how talented and creative VFX artists can be, and not just in the stunning work that makes it to the big screen but when they go home as well, and here at Escape we're incredibly proud to be part of that community. If you've got the imagination but lack the skills, why not check out one of our courses?

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Thu 3 Apr 2014: 12:54pm

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