Those Marvellous Movember Men

Those Marvellous Movember Men

As the month of November draws to a close the marvellous Movember men can look forward to taking the razor to the top lip and shaving their new found hairy appendage, but before that liberating moment comes, there are still five days of important fundraising to go.

Our illustrious leader, Captain Mark Cass, is leading by example and topping the style stakes sporting a rather dashing Mo reminiscent of the fourth Musketeer d'Artagnan. Although Bomber Graham Harris is giving him a run for his money with his bristly chops. While Wing Commander Simon Fenton tops the fundraising leader board with a whopping £309.

However, we have a lot of work to do if we are to catch national leader Martin Broughton who has raised a staggering £40,907. Although he is part of the British Airways Movember team, so has a significantly larger and wealthier network to call upon!

But here members of There’s Mo Escape team have heard many excuses as to why our friends, family and followers have yet to donate but the prime reason is, people want to see pictures of more bristles, well this next round of hairy portraits should satisfy the most demanding of Mo lovers, so please head over to our team page and donate generously

Together we can make a difference and support the fight against Prostate Cancer, thanks in advance of your kind generosity.


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Toby Young
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  • Mark Cass:

    Well done everyone! I do however think that we have all grown a little too attached to our Mo's - I suspect at least one or two people may decide to keep them..

    All in a great cause and as always, it's a bit of fun!

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