This week on YouTube....Part 1!

This week on YouTube....Part 1!

Whats up internet? It's September already, nobody told me. I thought I was getting funny looks on the tube, I came to work in swim shorts and a snorkel! But enough about my arrest record. You want to hear about our YouTube channel, I'm sure.

Last week was Free Tutorial Week, and it was a huge success! We're really glad you guys liked what we had to offer; and remember there's loads more freebies at our Free Resource Center!

This week we've got more goodies to dish out, because we just can't stop giving. Today's treat is a webinar from our head of 3D Mark Spevick, who talks to us about the process of VFX, the tools and techniques used, and what job and career opportunities are available. Check out What is VFX? to get the full scoop.

Check back with me on Thursday and I'll tickle your chin and tell you some more.

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Ash Miles
Tue 3 Sep 2013: 11:10am

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