Thinkbox Deadline 6.0 at Siggraph

Thinkbox Deadline 6.0 at Siggraph

Yesterday Thinkbox announced they will be unveiling Deadline 6.0 at this year’s Siggraph in August. Deadline, a powerful renderfarm and render queue management system, is compatible for any size pipeline and any size project and the new version will include some cool new features and updates.

Deadline’s creators, Thinkbox, have revealed that Deadline 6.0 will now include a redesigned and improved interface, third party cloud support and integration, improved cross-platform compatibility and redesigned back-end architecture to increase flexibility.  

If you're lucky enough to be heading out to LA for Siggraph this year, stop in and see the Thinkbox software booth (#937).  I will be attending, and would be happy to introduce you to the Thinkbox team. If you're interested in meeting the guys from Thinkbox or any other software provider during the event, drop me an email.

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