Think outside the Box

Think outside the Box

Thinkbox, the makers of Deadline & Krakatoa, have developed a large number of application and plugins designed to extend existing pipelines and operate seamless with each other to create new workflows. Many of the software platforms that Thinkbox have created started in-house to refine dozens of VFX feature films over 15 years of production.

But most users don’t know how all the Thinkbox tools fit together.

Well the Thinkbox team are going to answer that question for you with “The Big Picture” webinar with Thinkbox Product Specialist extraordinaire Borislav "Bobo" Petrov.

The webinar will take an in-depth look into why the Thinkbox technologies were developed and look at their progression over the years as well as highlighting the major features of their current products.

You will also be treated to a sneak peek into some of the new products that Thinkbox have in development and finally Bobo will explain the way that the full collective of Thinkbox tools can be used in production to streamline your pipeline.

To register for the webinar take a look at the Thinkblog on the Thinkbox website.

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