Think it's CG? Think Again...

Think it's CG? Think Again...

Special effects with computer graphics are all the rage recently. There are very few films produced these days without jaw dropping stunts courtesy of the digital department. But a lot of directors still prefer to shoot the real thing if they can as it nearly always looks better than the CG equivalent.

I am going to post a series of blogs to show some of these effects that you may have thought were CG when in fact the director and VFX crew were crazy enough to do it for real.

For the first example let us start with good old Batman: The Dark Knight. Remember the scene where Batman flips the Joker's 18 wheel truck head over heels? This was actually done for real.

Why do something this spectacular safely in CG when you can just close off a street in downtown Chicago and flip an 18 wheeler truck over? 

Chris Corbould and his crew built the rig into the truck. It consists of a hydraulic ram that shoots out at high speed from under the truck to flip it over. This 'hydraulic ram' is incredibly powerful. I had the pleasure of working with Chris on Casino Royale where we built a similar rig to flip over an Aston Martin car. The rig was so powerful that the Aston rolled over a massive 12 times earning the film a World Record for the highest number of rolls in a car. It did give the stuntman a headache... but after watching the finished product it was completely worth it.

Check out the behind the scenes video of Chris testing and then shooting this crazy 18 wheel rig in action.

Think this is good? This is just the start...there will be more to follow!

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