They call him, Machete

They call him, Machete

Those of you who have seen Robert Rodriquez’s grindhouse (destined to be) cult classic, ‘Machete’, will agree that after 105 minutes of semi naked women, full blown gun fights and next level gore, the best part of the film comes at the very end.

When tattooed antagonist Machete (Played by Danny Trejo) rides into the distance on his ever so macho motorbike (with Jessica Alba in tow might I add) I found myself thinking, “Well that ending couldn’t have been better”. Almost imminently though, these levels of elation were superseded, as the narrator chimes in with 

“Machete will return. In, Machete Kills, and, Machete Kills Again!” Hello trilogy!

With this in mind, I learned last week that the wait is nearly over, as filming for ‘Machete Kills’ has almost finished, and the cast is just as good, if not better, than the all-star line-up of its predecessor. 

Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez make return appearances alongside Danny Trejo, but in terms of main players within the plot - there are a serious amount of fresh faces set to hit the screen, some of which I feel will slot nicely into the tequila fuelled bloodshed of the world that surrounds Machete,  I’m having trouble however imagining how other new recruits are going to fit in.

Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga,  William Sadler and Vanessa Hudgens (to name but a few!) are all set to play prominent roles within the unfolding of this gun-toting grindhouse thriller, 

I have a suspicion that come early 2013 many cinema seats will be occupied by music lovers everywhere, waiting popcorn in hand, for the impending on screen death of Lady Gaga, and before we know it the whole world will be raising their fists in respect of this fictional Mexican vigilante. Viva la Revolution!

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