There’s gnome place like home...

There’s gnome place like home...

So last night, there I was, enjoying having the flat to myself, only half watching a re-run of Grand Designs when the ad break came on and something made me sit up and take notice of the tv screen…

It started as a fairly run-of-the-mill advert, a domesticated couple placing new furniture in their garden in the vain hope that we might actually have a summer sometime before October, but then something changed and all of a sudden I was in CG action-packed heaven! I won’t say too much more about the new Ikea ad other than to mention the fact that one of our very own Escapees Simon Richardson worked as a 2d artist on the feature!

And it gets better; Simon has just been confirmed as our guest speaker on our next Academy Tour on the 1st May. I’m still reeling from the excitement of having Paul Chung ‘in da house’ this week, I really am being spoiled at the moment, is it wrong to love your job as much as this?!

Okay, sorry, I’ll calm down a bit, I do have a tendency to get a little carried away with myself, as my colleagues here at Escape will contest to. However, all joking aside, if you love the ad as much as I do and would welcome the chance to pick Simon’s brains then all you have to do is complete and submit our very simple form.

Maybe leave the gnome puns at home though, yeah?

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Fri 19 Apr 2013: 12:36pm

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