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There is More to VFX than Hollywood!

The Hollywood blockbuster! This is how we envisage most Visual Effects right? With 3D VFX it is possible to create something out of nothing, making the impossible possible – an art form that’s become increasingly more commonplace since the early 1980’s. Cinema is where we’ve witnessed this development most, but of course there are a range of industries that tap into this discipline to realise their goals.

For Alastair Cross, Junior Lighting TD and escapee, it was the effects used in films that inspired him to want to work in VFX, and consequently study at Escape. Upon graduating, Alastair began to see the scope of job opportunities available to a skilled CG artist; an eye-opening introduction to the broader industry.

On Wednesday, 29th May, Alastair joins us for an insightful look into his career since graduating from Escape Studios. Learn how he went from the classroom to being an onset VFX Supervisor for a live action shoot at a BP lab; and how working with boutique VFX facility, Polar Media, led him to collaborate on a project with the creative team at MPC.

Although film and TV can stand out as the more traditionally “exciting” side of VFX, we invite you to discover the range of opportunities out there for a skilled CG artist, and how diverse and exciting those opportunities can be.

Webinar Details

This webinar took place on 29th May 2013

Check out the recording here.