"The windy man... The long mover!"

"The windy man... The long mover!"

Those of you who are fans of the cult TV show ‘The Mighty Boosh’ will have a kind of insta-appreciation for this new independent game ‘Hohokum’, which pays homage to the semi-fantastical comedy in the name of its main character ‘The Long Mover’.

It's part of a recent wave of independent games Sony are bringing into the public eye at the moment, and we were entranced by this game's unique and colourful appearance, and also by the fact that it as it has no score, is non-linear, and is without time limits. Check out the trailer above, we think you’ll be intrigued too.

It was created by Honeyslug in collaboration with Richard Hogg and will be available on PS3 PS4 and Playstation Vita by mid-August, so keep those eyes peeled!

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Robert Broadbent
Thu 24 Jul 2014: 5:30pm

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