The VFX Festival 2012 - Get your tickets now!

The VFX Festival 2012 - Get your tickets now!

Step into the mind-blowing world of VFX with The VFX Festival! Escape Studios has created the first ever four-day festival exploring the breathtaking world of visual effects, held in London on 10th-13th October.

Celebrating a decade of UK visual effects, the festival will be packed with the most respected VFX talent, visionaries and companies who have helped shape the industry. Offering inspirational insight behind the clever trickery in this booming VFX industry, with an exciting four-day programme packed with insider knowledge and information, showreel demos, hands-on workshops and exclusive premieres, it's perfect for those with a creative talent or thirst to develop their VFX Career.

Sponsored by industry software giant Autodesk, the festival will take people behind the scenes of some of Hollywood’s most captivating films including Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Prometheus, X-Men and John Carter. Cinesite, Framestore, The Mill, Saddington Baynes, Pixomondo, MPC, Double Negative and Glassworks will be among the many leading VFX and production houses sharing their expertise in this unique opportunity to delve into a side of the movie industry rarely seen or understood, with ambassadors from each divulging their knowledge to attendees.

The full festival programe is going to be published soon but here's a snippet of some of the festival highlights;

Wednesday 10th October (From 6PM)

* Framestore: Harry Potter Tribute: From Dobby to Kreacher - Nico Scapel (Head of Rigging).
* MPC: Prometheus stereography: with Damien Fagnou.
* Cinesite: Inspiring the next generation - Cinesite’s recruiter’s will offer practical advice on how to make your showreel stand out from the crowd. They’ll highlight what they’re looking for in the next batch of Inspirees.  

Thursday 11th October (From 6PM)

* Framestore: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - Sirio Quintavalle (VFX Supervisor).
* Pixomondo: VFX on Oscar winning Hugo.
* MPC: Wrath of the Titans - Creature Animation - Greg Fisher.
* Cinesite: How to become a VFX Supervisor - Through Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, X-Men: The Last Stand and The Golden Compass, to John Carter.

Friday 12th October (From 6PM)
* Framestore: Nuke and TV Commercials - Russell Dodgson & William Bartlett - Head of Nuke & Head of 2D
* Cinesite: Small Talk, Little Money, Big Ideas - Simon Stanley–Clamp will give a talk about the ways of creating fabulous looking VFX for a fraction of the cost
* MPC: Prometheus Compositing

Saturday 13th October (From 9AM)
* Exclusive Recruitment Panel: Open Q & A. Put your career and questions to the recruiters from The Mill, Pixomondo, Double Negative and Framestore

At just £10 for students and £20 for professionals, tickets are selling like hot cakes! Places are limited though so make sure you buy your VFX Festival ticket today!

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  • Paul Wilkes:

    Hi everyone

    Apologies if anyone had any problems registering yesterday - we had small technical hitch with the Eventbrite system but it should be all sorted now. Please click on the links in the original email you were sent and you should now be able to register for the events. If they fill up there is a waiting list system so do please register your interest.

    In terms of registering for multiple events, it is possible but as some of the events are different locations and at the same time it would be difficult to attend them in one evening. We just want to try and make sure people don't register for lots of events at the same which they are not actually going to be able to make.

    Thanks and apologies again for any inconvenience.

    We look forward to seeing you all next week!


  • Jessica Lohse:

    Also confused about this text:
    'Please note, due to capacity restrictions, you will only be able to attend one event per evening. That's four events per person across the three evenings and one Saturday morning.'

    4 events across 3 evenings, PLUS Saturday morning? How can I attend 4 events across 3 evenings if I can only attend 1 event over each of the 3 evenings?

    Please clarify. Thanks!

  • Jessica Lohse:

    Hi Gareth,

    I've requested a place from an invite only event. Are the invite only events exclusive or can ticket holders to the festival attend these?

  • Csaba Novak:

    i can't book anyhting for thursday, all are invittation only

  • Tim Crabtree:

    Hey, I have received the registration email but am directed to a page that states I need an invitation to be able to register.

    I have gone through the 'contact the organiser' route but wondered if that was all i need to do or has the registration website not been updated.

    Cheers, Tim.

  • Paul:

    Hi, got my email but I cant register... It says Invite only!!! Registered for two events! Is there a problem with the site?

  • gareth morgan:

    Hi Andrew, registration will be end of play today, before 6pm. As soon as I have more details I will let everyone know.

  • Andrew:

    What time is registration today?

  • gareth morgan:

    Hi Jessica,

    That's right, we will be releasing all of the workshop information on the 3rd.


  • Jessica Lohse:

    I see a lot of talks on the program, but nothing about workshops. Is that information to be released on the 3rd with registration?

  • Robert Broadbent:

    Hi there Valeria!

    Indeed it is, as well as some of the London post houses, all situated in Soho!


  • Valeria:

    Hello Guys

    is it held at Escape's premises?

  • Nadia:

    Hey Guys,
    Just got my ticket, Looking forward to registration! :)

  • Robert Broadbent:

    Hi Guys,
    Registration will go ahead on the October 3rd.
    Talks/Workshops etc will run from 6pm on weeknights and run from 9am throughout on the Saturday.
    Loving the positive response!
    Any more questions please ask!

  • John Seymour:

    I can't see any timing anywhere? are these during the day or at the evening?

  • Paul:

    Hi, Just got my ticket.. how do I register? Thanks!

  • Raphael Legros:

    Nice lineup! Thanks for organising that guys!

  • Robert Broadbent:

    Hi Frank!

    The Ticket covers all the presentations over the 4 days, but you'll have to pre-register for the talks a week before the event!

    Any more questions - don't hesitate to ask


  • Frank Mingbo Li:

    Will the ticket cover the all presentation or just one?

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