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The VFX Bible: Your Careers Guide for 2013

What is Visual Effects? For many of you, it’s the technical wizardry that made films like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and an entire series of Harry Potter possible. It is an artistic and technical process that started as early as 1895, when ambitious filmmakers began experimenting with rudimentary effects. Since that time, the technical advances have been immense, making it an essential part of film, TV, commercials, advertising and pre-visualisation production today. It is the craft of building, altering and enhancing images for a more real, believable or fantastical effect, allowing audiences to be more immersed in an otherwise fictional world.

Would it interest you to know that with the right training behind you, you too could work and succeed in this industry? We’ve put together a VFX careers guide to help explain the art and science behind the craft, the career prospects and what part you could play in the industry’s ever evolving future.

To kick start your career in a wonderfully creative and dynamic working environment, download your copy of the Visual Effects Careers Bible.

Inside The VFX Careers Bible 

• An Introduction to Visual Effects
• Where it All Began: A Brief History
• The VFX Pipeline
• The Role of a 3D VFX Artist
• The Role of a Compositing Artist
• Becoming a CG Professional: Career Advice for the Industry

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