The Ultimate Metal Band

The Ultimate Metal Band

Being in a band can be testing, creative differences can get in the way, varying levels musicianship can stunt progression, and of course there are some nights where it just doesn’t come together on stage.

All of these problems would be avoided though, if say your bassist and guitarist had more than 140 fingers between them, and your drummer had 4 arms.

On such a note, check out this band we recently discovered, aptly named ‘Compressorhead’.  This outfit consists of 3 robots, Fingers (Guitar) Stickboy (Drums) and Bones (Bones) this genuinely heavy metal band come together to play covers of Black Sabbath, Motörhead and AC/DC and many more.

Before you ask, yes, they are touring! Currently doing the circuits over in Australia, I think we should all keep our eyes peeled for a Compressorhead show at a dingy rock venue nearby in 2013. 

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Robert Broadbent
Fri 11 Jan 2013: 4:47pm

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