The Telegraph Interviews Escapee Alex Swan

The Telegraph Interviews Escapee Alex Swan

Louisa Peacock, the Jobs Editor at The Telegraph, recently interviewed one of our escapees who is working as a compositor at Framestore. Alex Swann loves his job and explained what a day in the life of a compositor entails – everything from roto all the way through to rig removal.

A typical day, says Alex, usually starts with a catch up with colleagues, to work out what exactly he'll be doing on that day. Framestore is a very relaxed place to work and Alex explained how people chat and laugh with their colleagues, which makes for a fantastic atmostphere. You can check out the full Telegraph article by clicking on the link here.

The article also quizzes Alex on how he got into the industry to begin with. We've spoken to Alex about this before and you can read his success story here.


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