The Summer Must-See Movies

The Summer Must-See Movies

Whilst scrolling through the IGN website I stumbled across a page that I wanted to share with you all, even if it is just a check list! IGN has released their list of top summer movies for 2012 and, although many of them have been released (and you can cross them off on your check list), there are still plenty of brilliant CG films being released over the upcoming months.

We’ve already gone into detail about how amazing Prometheus is, along with Avengers Assemble but one of the future releases I am very excited to see is the new Batman (The Dark Knight Rises).

Previous Batman films have boasted impeccable attention to detail with their mise en scene, cinematography and VFX with the future release looking no different. If anything, it is looking to be the best one yet. Have you seen the intelligent use of cleaver advertising they've been using to promote the film on television? If not, keep an eye out, they’re only on screen for about two seconds but they definitely stick in your head.

The plot starts 8 years on from The Dark Knight, only this time there is a new terrorist threat to Gotham (Bane, one of Batman’s more powerful and intellectual enemies, played by Tom Hardy) and, although brandished an enemy, the Dark Knight rises once again to protect the city. What this means for us, is that once again we need to get ready to see the sights of fictional Gotham torn to pieces in a CG frenzy, fast cars with the occasional flying batmobile loaded with gadgets all alongside a storyline that promises to engage and entertain us. Double Negative is the vendor responsible for VFX on this production, whose handy work you will have seen in Inception, Sherlock Holmes and Captain America: The First Avenger.

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