The Stunning Effects of Life of Pi

The Stunning Effects of Life of Pi

Thanks to the kind people at Rhythm and Hues, who last month gave us some very informative industry info, Ang Lee’s Life of Pi has already made an appearance on the Escape blog. But now we've all seen it, and since it’s received 11 Oscar nominations (not bad eh?) we reckon it’s worth another mention!

Anything we can watch that helps us gain an understanding of how this digital masterpiece was made, we are over the moon with, and we know those like-minded folk who follow the Escape blog will be too!

This youtube clip, offers a quick insight from Visual Effects Supervisor Bill Westenhofer of Rhythm and Hues, along with some green screen footage and breakdowns from the shooting of the movie.

“it started in 2009, when Ang came over and asked if a digital character looked better or worse in stereo, and we all said.. we don’t know! Why don’t we give it a shot?”

Boy are we glad they did! VFX fans, enjoy! 

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