The Rise of Mobile Gaming

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

I’ve just discovered some news for the British video games industry. In the middle of a double dip recession, there are 2 new studios opening up in the game industry, which is exciting enough, but this comes alongside the recent announcement that Amazon are also opening up a digital media innovation hub in London. This will have a focus on the creation of interactive digital services for games consoles, smart phones, PCs and TV. They are also building new services and APIs behind the company’s digital media.

In my opinion, it’s amazing news. The advent of gaming on mobile devices has created a whole new area of development. Not only are the big boys in the industry profiting, but it's also providing an outlet for smaller agencies to rise to the forefront (the proof being in the pudding, as only recently Epic stated that their mobile game Infinity Blade was the most profitable, yet the cheapest to make.)

Konami opening London studio for PES

RuneScape devloper Jagex launches new studio

Amazon opens UK digital media hub

Infinity Blade is Epics most profitable game

And, as a good example of the quality of graphics for mobile games, check these two sites out:

Morgan Freeman for Dark Knight Rises mobile game

The Dark Knight Rises mobile game

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