The Power of Making

The Power of Making

To escape from the heat over the weekend, I went to a great exhibition at the V&A. If, like me, you like to know how stuff is made, this is the exhibition for you. It's called The Power of Making.

Everything from dry stone walls, giant apes made from coathangers, a prosthetic suit for Stephen Hawkins, and some really cool examples of 3d printers - it's all in there!

3D printers are like something from science fiction and there was a video of a Maya mesh being printed into a cool toy. But wierdly enough, the thing that I was most impressed with was the drystone wall.


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Simon Fenton
Tue 4 Oct 2011: 8:58am

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  • Toby Young:

    Thanks for the tip Simon, sounds like a really cool show I want to check out that 3D printer (and the dry stone wall of course ;)

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