The power of 3D in your pocket!

The power of 3D in your pocket!

Lovers of 3D will be over the moon to discover that they can now have the power of 3D in their pocket at all times, as the 3Doodler allows the owner to take their artistic imagination off of the page!

Launched on Kickstarter just last week, this project has already exceeded its donation goal of $30,000 massively, and is now near to $2,000,000… not bad!

Check out the Kickstarter page for an in depth product video, an insight into company Wobbleworks LLC –(and how they came up with the product) and of course, a chance to donate and be a part of the launching of a revolutionary artistic tool! 

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Davi Stein
Mon 25 Feb 2013: 2:04pm

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