The Pitfalls of Digital Perfection

The Pitfalls of Digital Perfection

At the end of every one of our intensive classroom courses, we get our students to present their finished work to their classmates and to our Training Development Director Lee Danskin. Last Friday, it was the turn of the escapees from our latest Visual Effects Production Course.

Over and over again I heard Lee mention the term ‘dinking things’ up a little or adding more directional textural decay to their 3d models.

This reminded me of a clip a friend sent me a while ago. In this clip, Florence (as in Florence + the Machine) is looking around the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. As she goes around the museum Florence talks about the "human aspect" of art, objects and music and how this is what actually makes them seem more realistic and believable.

This clip is very reminiscent of what Lee was referring to when reviewing our students’ work. It is very important for any digital artist to fight against digital perfection.

As a VFX artist it is your job to make the work your create feel real – just as if it was part of the live action plate you are putting it into. Part of the magic is to look at how the live action objects are weathered and making sure that you treat your work the same way.

I think it is interesting to hear that even with music, other artists like Florence are constantly looking for the human aspect in their work. I believe this is something every digital artist should strive for, be it in the audio or visual world.

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