The Official Architectural V-Ray Demo Reel Released

The Official Architectural V-Ray Demo Reel Released

Chaos have released their official Ach Vis 2009 Demo reel today. It showcases some really cool imagery from very talented Arch Vis artists.  This is definitely worth a peek if you are interested in Arch Vis and want to see some amazing work from the industry’s top Arch Vis Studios.

We reckon it's great source of inspiration and useful to pick up some tips. You can also check out V-Ray's rendering capabilities in different scenes.  It's no wonder we are seeing many new customers purchasing V-Ray. With the speed and quality you can get from this package, it's easy to see why V-Ray is becoming the industry standard renderer.

Check it out here.


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Mark Cass
Thu 1 Apr 2010: 3:08pm

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